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Ensure your students can find a list of factors, multiples and primes faster than they can write the Facebook status update "I love maths" with these 10 resources.

1. On the trail

What is it? A series of 32 maths challenges on cards that lead students around the classroom while consolidating their knowledge of factors, multiples and primes

What users say "It saves time, is good for keeping the students active and is excellent for mental agility."


2. Seeking perfection

What is it? An instruction sheet for a short activity in which students try to find perfect numbers - a whole number that is equal to the sum of the factors less than itself

What users say "Perfectly good for adult education, too."


3. Make a match

What is it? An activity in which students are given a number and have to link up with another student who is carrying a factor of their number

What users say "Great idea that really gets the class moving and thinking."


4. Fun factor

What is it? A game for two students to play against each other using their knowledge of factors and multiples

What users say "A fun and engaging resource!"


5. Classification conundrum

What is it? A bingo activity focusing on students' knowledge of classifying numbers into groups such as odd or even, or as factors, squares or cubes

What users say "Perfect for my 15- to 16-year-olds, who are struggling to remember these `special numbers'."


6. Grid games

What is it? An activity in which students have to place the numbers 1 to 9 in a 3x3 grid so the rows and columns add up to a prime number

What users say "A really clever resource that is lots of fun, too."


7. Truth test

What is it? Instructions, questions and answers for a short true-false quiz on factors and multiples

What users say "I used this quiz with my more able 11-year-olds. I adapted it so they could work in pairs."


8. Prime example

What is it? An activity where students make different square numbers by adding two prime numbers together

What users say "Really gets the students thinking."


9. Multiple puzzles

What is it? A Tarsia puzzle that covers factors and multiples

What users say "Ideal activity at the end of the topic since students need to understand a lot."


10. Rules of engagement

What is it? Students have to place a list of numbers and headings in a grid so that the numbers adhere to the outlined heading rules

What users say "This is a nice problem-solving activity on number types, which also consolidates understanding of two-way tables."


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