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Expressing yourself in writing doesn't always come naturally. Ensure your students are equipped for eloquence with these grammar resources on everything from adjectives to abstract nouns.

1. Flash grammar

What is it? A series of grammar flash cards that include concise summaries of major word types

What users say: "Excellent. They are up on my wall as a classroom resource."


2. Describing descriptions

What is it? A PowerPoint for teaching students about the differences between superlative and comparative adjectives

What users say: "A clear and attractively presented resource, which makes a dry subject interesting. Could be used as the basis of a complete lesson, including written tasks and assessment."


3. Concrete terms

What is it? An activity based on Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky that students can use to revise abstract and concrete nouns

What users say: "Fun resource."


4. Grammar gains

What is it? A well-structured lesson on identifying adjectives, verbs and nouns

What users say: "A huge time-saver."


5. Active story

What is it? An overview of how verbs can be used to increase the impact of creative writing

What users say: "Thanks for this - students loved it. Well worth using!"


6. Verb views

What is it? Test students' knowledge of grammar with this game. They have to identify which words are verbs and which are adverbs

What users say: "Creative and fun."


7. Word search

What is it? A clear explanation of different word types, followed by activities that require students to put their understanding into practice

What users say: "An easy-to-follow scaffolded lesson about using adjectives and adverbs. It encourages students to experiment with language use and create their own poems."


8. Picture power

What is it? A PowerPoint presentation that defines adverbs, verbs and adjectives, and gets students using them to describe a series of pictures

What users say: "Useful, informative and engaging."


9. Defining nouns

What is it? A starter activity that summarises different types of nouns and asks students to identify which one is being shown in a series of images

What users say: "A very useful and playful starter activity."


10. The right method

What is it? A detailed presentation explaining how and when to use prepositions, pronouns and verbs

What users say: "This was really useful for my class - a great resource."


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