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Graphs, lines and axes may seem like the stuff of dull textbooks and daunting exam papers, but ingenious methods devised by the creators of these resources bring the difficult topics to life.

1 Straight stories

What is it? A video tutorial explaining how to use Autograph software to investigate straight line graphs

What users say "This video clip is an amazing tutorial for showing how to make use of ICT in the maths classroom."


2 What's my line?

What is it? This interactive Excel file generates random straight lines, with buttons that reveal the gradient, y-intercept and equation of the line

What users say "Works well. Thank you."


3 Plot thickening

What is it? A comprehensive PowerPoint presentation that covers the key aspects of straight line graphs and how to plot them

What users say "This is a useful PowerPoint that covers all the main points in the topic."


4 Gradient expectations

What is it? An interesting and engaging way of using Google Earth and Autograph to investigate gradients in real life

What users say "My students loved this. It's a fantastic idea and resource."


5 Axes murderer

What is it? An entertaining activity that asks students to use coordinates to solve a fictional murder case

What users say "Absolutely loved it and so did the class. They are now making up their own. Thank you so much."


6 Parallel lines

What is it? An interactive investigation into how equations are affected by the positioning of graph lines

What users say "The clever bit is how the user chooses the lines graphically and then sees the equations. Most resources of this type require the user to input the gradientslope."


7 Axes to grind

What is it? An activity that asks students to identify common mistakes in graph axes

What users say "A nice little starter or plenary to get students discussing mistakes."


8 Form, function

What is it? A Tarsia jigsaw that is based on simple linear functions

What users say "This would make an excellent activity at any stage of the lesson and allows you to listen to valuable student discussion."


9 Marked card

What is it? Cards that can be sorted in various ways to encourage students to talk about straight line graphs

What users say "A useful revision resource and a great time saver."


10 Eyes down

What is it? A bingo game with questions that encourage students to identify the gradient and y-intercept from an equation

What users say "Ideal as a starter or plenary activity to consolidate learning. Can be used over and over again if you laminate the bingo cards that come with the PowerPoint."


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