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Even the word `essay' has a daunting feel for many students. This week we offer activities that demystify the process and show how prose can be both elegant and informative

1. Essay does it

What is it? More than 50 activities to help students improve their essay writing

What users say "An impressive resource with lots of helpful ideas and information. Nicely structured and presented."


2. Write answers

What is it? A series of essay tutorials with topics including persuasive writing

What users say "Thank you for all this hard work. You have saved me hours!"


3. Steps change

What is it? Eight-step introduction to writing a good essay

What users say "Excellent, simple and clear advice."


4. Gold planning

What is it? A guide to planning a successful essay, including a writing skills PowerPoint

What users say "Really like this. It's very clear."


5. Mice and easy

What is it? Essay tips focused on John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men that could be adapted to fit any text

What users say "Amazing - I'm tired of seeing guides that help students to just pass rather than succeed."


6. Analyse this

What is it? Activities to bring a more academic style to students' analytical writing

What users say "A useful set of resources, ideal for my classes."


7. Crooks' hooks

What is it? Simple essay tips built on the relationships between Crooks and other characters in John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men

What users say "Useful tips."


8. Bragging rights

What is it? Activities to boost essay-writing skills drawing on the song To Have and to Have Not by Billy Bragg (left)

What users say "A stimulating resource which encourages much thought and discussion."


9. Peer profiles

What is it? A feedback sheet to help students peer-assess a partner's essay

What users say "Thanks!"


10. Titles fight

What is it? A guide to making sense of essay titles

What users say "A useful resource accentuating the importance of planning. It impresses upon the learner the necessity of wrestling with key words in the title."


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