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Being able to multiply and divide are essential skills for everything from complex engineering quandaries to ensuring that your two-for-one deal at the supermarket is actually a bargain. Prepare your students properly with these resources.

1. Multiple puzzles

What is it? A Tarsia jigsaw puzzle on the topic of multiplication and times tables

What users say "This would make an excellent activity at any stage of the lesson and would allow you to listen to student discussion, which can be so valuable."


2. Mathsbusters

What is it? A game for two teams, in the style of UK television quiz show Blockbusters, looking at maths puzzles

What users say "What a find! This should put a bit of sparkle into my lessons. I can't wait to try it out on my bottom set, who are a bit disgruntled at the moment."


3. To the point

What is it? A fun Tarsia puzzle ideal as a plenary to help students practise multiplying integers and decimals

What users say "A very nice Tarsia activity based on the topic of multiplying decimals. The puzzles are at different levels so all students can have a go at this activity."


4. Loop it back

What is it? A multiplications loop game designed to be used with seven- to 11-year-olds

What users say "A really useful times table. I particularly like how this game reinforces all the key vocabulary and is editable."


5 Time for tables

What is it? A simple resource for low-ability groups who have yet to fully learn their times tables

What users say "Great resource!"


6 Full house

What is it? Multiplication bingo for the whole class

What users say "Superb! So easy to use, looks great on-screen in class and the children loved it."


7 Number target

What is it? A card game that asks students to use multiplication and division to reach the number 60

What users say "Why buy resources when kind people share top stuff like this? Looks professional. Will stretch my top-ability set a treat. marvellous."


8. Grid start

What is it? A spreadsheet that generates multiplication grids

What users say "This is absolutely superb. In fact, I think this might finally be the thing that proves to me that I need to learn to use Excel properly. Highly recommended."


9. Chunk of luck

What is it? An interactive activity that teaches division by the chunking method, but can also be used to introduce other division methods

What users say "Wow. Brilliant resource that makes it so simple to demonstrate to the children. Can't wait to use it!"


10. Divide the load

What is it? A bingo game for division skills

What users say "An excellent resource that really engages the students."


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