Back to basics

You may despair at pupils' abuse of the apostrophe but these resources show that teachers haven't accepted defeat yet. Try a range of strategies, from the straightforward to the downright silly, to demystify this troublesome form of punctuation

1 Signs of trouble

What is it? A quiz to review what students know about apostrophes, including a challenge to spot mistakes on real-life signs and posters

What users say "An amazing resource, thank you. Will definitely use it in my classroom."


2 For short

What is it? Worksheets to guide students on using apostrophes in contractions such as "I'm"

What users say "Will use this straight away. Thank you for your time and effort."


3 In the right place

What is it? A worksheet challenging students to insert missing apostrophes

What users say "Really like this resource. It will consolidate prior learning."


4 Two simple rules

What is it? A guide to apostrophes, focusing on two rules to keep students on track

What users say "Fantastic, simple and straight to the point. Very helpful indeed."


5 Bart gallery

What is it? Differentiated worksheets for adding apostrophes and rewriting sentences based on The Simpsons

What users say "Very user-friendly and I know my children will really enjoy this."


6 Lost apostrophes

What is it? A starter activity on apostrophes for omission

What users say "Great resource. Well-presented, clear explanation and provides activities for students."


7 Apostrophe basics

What is it? A straightforward, step-by-step PowerPoint introducing apostrophe use

What users say "Lovely and simple."


8 Punctuation police

What is it? A quiz using genuine apostrophe blunders. Students act as the "apostrophe police", patrolling the streets looking for crimes against punctuation

What users say "Great idea. Think I'll get my class to search for apostrophe blunders in their community - they'll be real apostrophe police."


9 To the point

What is it? A no-frills PowerPoint showing when to use apostrophes

What users say "This is exactly as I would have done it and has saved me lots of time. Thanks."


10 We're not amused

What is it? A jam-packed introduction to apostrophes, with exercises and some amusing examples thrown in

What users say "This is brilliant."


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