Back to basics

Quantifying ratio and proportion can be a tricky task, so plunder this engaging collection of maths resources to find fun ways of helping students get to grips with these crucial concepts

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1. All in proportion

What is it? Activities to help students reflect on the reasoning they use when solving proportion problems

What users say "Lots of nice ideas in here and not just repetitive tasks."

2. Grid expectations

What is it? A worksheet of variables that will help students to identify which ones are related - for example, time spent revising and marks achieved on a test

What users say "Just what I need to stimulate my class into actually thinking."

3. Inversion rates

What is it? Two engaging activities to demonstrate and investigate inverse proportion in real-life situations

What users say "A really interesting task to liven up the subject."

4. The right ratio

What is it? An engaging and interactive introduction to ratio

What users say "Fab! Thank you very much."

5. Apple of your eye

What is it? A grid that students can use to calculate ratios, starting with a basic question about the ratio of red and green apples in a bag and leading to more complex tasks involving recipe ingredients

What users say "A well-thought-out and clear explanation of how to use knowledge of multiplication and division."

6. Cash converters

What is it? A ratio and proportion booklet based on planning a holiday, which covers simplifying and dividing ratios, currency conversion and distance-time graphs

What users say "A great resource - definitely one to download."

7. Magic ingredient

What is it? A worksheet that asks students to calculate proportions based on different recipes, including starters, main courses and desserts

What users say "Good and easily differentiated."

8. Drag races

What is it? A comprehensive lesson with a drag-and-drop starter to demonstrate how equivalent ratios work

What users say "Love it! Thank you - that's my starter sorted for tomorrow."

9. Treasure troves

What is it? Two 20-question treasure hunts ready to be printed

What users say "Thank you. Anything to get students on their feet and circulating is always welcome."

10. Word on the sheet

What is it? Word problems about ratio and an extension sheet with conversion rates and questions

What users say "A very useful resource for the learning of ratio and proportion in a purposeful way. Could be edited to meet different ages' needs."

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Tes Editorial

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