Back to basics

Schools are increasingly being urged to provide financial education, and what better way to teach students of all ages about the value of money than by planning a party or building bottle rockets

1 Money essentials

What is it? A simple PowerPoint on money that is ideal for young children

What users say "Excellent resource for introducing money."


2 Totals recall

What is it? Interactive whiteboard resources to use when teaching pupils how to recognise coins and work out totals

What users say "A great resource that will engage the children."


3 Change it up

What is it? A series of Smart Board activities for young children, including whole-class work on giving change

What users say "I'm being observed soon and you have just saved me a lot of time."


4 Maze day

What is it? A Smart Board resource that accompanies an engaging maze activity

What users say "Great, thank you. I was looking for a moneyrelated problem-solving activity and you've saved me hours of work."


5 Market value

What is it? A free TES iboard resource in which children shop at a cartoon market and learn about doubling prices

What users say "An excellent resource to accompany teaching about money. It would work at any part of a lesson and can be differentiated, too."


6 Party planners

What is it? A worksheet that challenges children to stick to a budget while planning a party

What users say "Great job - such a simple yet effective idea."


7 Classroom economy

What is it? A year-long programme that helps you to put economics into action by creating a class currency and introducing monthly "pay cheques" for students

What users say "This is awesome. What a fantastic idea!"


8 Spending sprees

What is it? A board game that asks students to consider risky decisions about when to spend

What users say "This is a fantastic game. My children enjoyed it thoroughly and their language very quickly became rich with money and maths words."


9 Basket case

What is it? Two games in which students have to estimate the total price of the shopping in their basket

What users say "Fab. Just used this with my class and they absolutely loved it."


10 Rocketing prices

What is it? An investigation that tasks students with building bottle rockets and planning their own rocket-manufacturing business

What users say "I'm going to use this as a joint science and maths project."


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