Back to basics

Skirting around the issue is normally discouraged, but with circumferences that is exactly what you have to do. These resources will give your students a new angle on circle calculations

1 Get round to it

What is it? A series of learning stations on circle circumferences to set up around your classroom

What users say "A great set of resources. I really like the discussion questions."


2 Middle measurement

What is it? A worksheet on circumferences created for 14- to 16-year-olds that progresses from simple to more challenging problems

What users say "Superb worksheet with plenty of levels of difficulty. The paper-clip problem is a gem."


3 The right area

What is it? Varied exercises on the area of a circle

What users say "Wonderfully presented worksheet. I really appreciate resources of this quality."


4 Connected contest

What is it? A Connect Four-style competition involving circle calculations

What users say "Thanks, this worked really nicely."

bit.lyConnected Competition

5 In the market

What is it? A resource that explains pi using labels from supermarket tins

What users say "A great way to introduce pi in maths lessons."


6 Come full circle

What is it? An interactive whiteboard activity on finding the area and circumference of circles and compound shapes

What users say "A fantastic resource - ideal for revision or as a plenary. "


7 Memory serves

What is it? An activity that can be used to introduce or revise circle properties and key words

What users say "An excellent collective memory activity that would be a great starter."


8 Rotund revision

What is it? A game for revising circle theorems in the style of television show Blockbusters

What users say "Amazing! Thanks so much - finally a fun circle theorem lesson. My class is very pleased."


9 Angle of attack

What is it? A starter activity consisting of eight multiple-choice questions about finding the missing angles of shapes

What users say "Great plenary or revision tool. I'll use it with mini whiteboards."


10 Exams explained

What is it? A selection of challenging exam-style questions on circle theorems for 14- to 16-year-olds. Answers are included

What users say "This is a very useful resource, both as a teaching and a learning tool. It gives students a good idea of how to explain their answers."


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