Back to basics

This week's resources will help your students to understand how simple punctuation marks can take their dialogue from stream of consciousness to structured speech

1 Speech mark steps

What is it? Step-by-step instructions and activities that teach students how to use speech marks correctly

What users say "Really clear, well presented and thorough. Will definitely be using this resource."


2 Engaging talk

What is it? A lesson that shows students how to use speech marks in an engaging way

What users say "Very useful. Thank you."


3 Delightful dialogue

What is it? A handy checklist for writing dialogue that can be stuck into students' books

What users say "Super. Just what I needed and easily differentiated."


4 Dealing direct

What is it? A worksheet to help students understand how direct and indirect speech are used in written texts

What users say "A simple resource that reinforces one of the basic building blocks of sentences."


5 Punctuation presentation

What is it? A set of differentiated tasks to teach students how to punctuate speech correctly

What users say "A comprehensive presentation that contains success criteria and the use of learning partners. Very useful. Thank you."


6 Effective elements

What is it? This starter activity asks students to add missing punctuation to extracts to illustrate effective use of dialogue

What users say "Great worksheet. Thank you."


7 Talking proper

What is it? A presentation that demonstrates how to set out speech correctly

What users say "Thank you very much - you've just saved me an hour's work on a Sunday."


8 Speech basics

What is it? A lesson that revisits the grammar needed when using speech marks

What users say "Fab resource guiding students through the basics of punctuation and sentences."


9 Working words

What is it? A clear worksheet providing advice on punctuating dialogue

What users say "Very useful resource. Simple and superb. Thank you for sharing this with us."


10 Simple speech marks

What is it? A series of clear tasks that help students get to grips with how to punctuate speech

What users say "Great resource, thank you for sharing."


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