Back to Basics: Punctuation

Without punctuation, there can be no understanding. (A bold claim, but we are willing to make it.) Drill the basics into your students with TES Connect's top 10 punctuation resources

1. A simple guide to punctuation

What is it? A summary sheet explaining how to use all major punctuation marks, helping students to check their work

What users say: "A very useful sheet to insert into my students' books to ensure literacy in science is covered"; "Concise and informative."


2. Grammar basics flash cards

What is it? A set of flash cards for teachers. Ideal for reference during lessons

What users say: "The clearest explanation of tenses that I have ever come across. All nice and simple"; "Very useful; ideal for display."


3. Spag place mat

What is it? A colourful place mat for checking spelling, punctuation and grammar (Spag). It can be printed and laminated for students to refer to during written work

What users say: "Brilliant! I have an A3 laminated version taped to each desk and students in every year group have found them useful"; "Wonderful! My students have no excuse now." bit.lySpagPlacemat

4. Kung fu punctuation

What is it? A fun activity that lets students practise punctuation kung-fu style

What users say: "Fabulous! Good as a starter, a reward and a kinetic outlet for a restless class"; "Blindingly imaginative and spot on for students who need to get out of their seats."


5. Punctuation through music

What is it? A video using music and rhythm to teach 14- to 16-year-olds about commas

What users say: "From content to pacing to delivery, this is a first-rate presentation"; "I have been inspired and educated through watching this video." bit.lyMusicCommas

6. Punctuation test

What is it? A worksheet that includes a simple test to check students' knowledge

What users say: "A very handy resource"; "A great little test."


7. Apostrophe police

What is it? A collection of real-life "punctuation bloopers". Students have to identify and correct the mistakes

What users say: "Fun and funny. Good as a starter or a quick assessment"; "This is great. It is always good to have real-life examples."


8. Grammar crib sheet

What is it? A clear summary of the knowledge required to pass the new Spag test for 11-year-olds in England, but useful revision for any age group

What users say: "This will be useful for teachers as well as teaching assistants"; "A really helpful resource. Great to keep at hand as a checklist."


9. Starter activities

What is it? A collection of starters designed to integrate punctuation into any lesson

What users say: "First-rate resource"; "I will definitely use in my (special educational needs) literacy skills class."


10. 'Doh!' apostrophes

What is it? Differentiated apostrophe worksheets using characters from The Simpsons

What users say: "Fantastic resource! Really clear and saved me from making my own"; "Very user-friendly."

bit.lyApostrophe Simpsons.

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