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Back in from the cold

ADVISERS left the conference more convinced than in recent years that they may now have found a role, having lost their empires under local government reorganisation.

Eleanor Currie, director in East Renfrewshire, the first authority to volunteer for an inspection of its quality assurance mechanisms, said the Government's continuous improvement agenda would mean "support and challenge" for schools, and advisers would play a key part.

But Bill Clark, chief inspector in charge of HMI's audit unit, said the advisers' rol would have to be a generic one not a narrow concentration on curricular specialisms.

Ian McDonald, depute director in Glasgow, said: "As schools concentrate increasingly on curriculum and staff development, the role of advisers will become much more central both from the standpoint of the individual's own subject background and also working across sectors within a community of schools."

Glasgow's new learning communities (see below) would have a link adviser connecting each area to the education authority.

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