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A backbone to learning

"With the teacher's guide to Thinking Adventures you can't go wrong and teachers don't need to be afraid of teaching this 10-week course," says Morag Towndrow, the headteacher at Barrhead High.

"We're only half-way through and already I can see the pupils are far more confident and considerate of each other. They are better at handling questions from adults and peers, are more articulate and more likely to answer as they see fit, rather than give you the answer they think you might want. They are verbalising thoughts more clearly and listening more to each other. All this can only spill over positively into other school work.

"The lessons are ideally suited to PSE groups of 15 to 20, but with the guide I think you could successfully tackle a larger class.

"I certainly want these courses to develop. I want a progressive escalator leading up the senior school and then to introduce Higher philosophy to the curriculum.

"I see Guided Socratic Discussion as providing a backbone to all the pupils' learning, something they can draw on in all subjects."

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