Bad year

The A-level "gold standard": Mike Tomlinson, former chief inspector of schools, has recommended that A-levels and GCSEs should be scrapped and replaced by a new, four-level diploma.

Hic haec hoc: the AQA exam board announced that, from 2006, it would no longer offer exams in 11 minority subjects. These included Russian, archaeology, Greek and Latin. Vale amice.

Male teachers: research revealed they would be pound;67,000 better off over their lifetime if they left the profession.

Clare Short: the former minister for overseas development received a poor report from staff at Southfields community college in south London, where she spent a week as a geography teacher for a BBC documentary.

Chips and roly-poly pudding: school canteens have been told to provide healthy fare to tackle rising levels of obesity among the nation's youth.

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