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Bangle burden

It is almost a shame that Welsh schools are spared the burden of league tables because, if not, it might just be possible to show an effect of the Sikh bangle case on the school ("Enormous bill for Sikh bangle case", April 17). It must have been a huge distraction for the school's management, and I can't believe there wasn't an effect on at least a handful of teaching staff and some of the girl's peers.

I don't see how the school can afford 10 per cent of its annual budget to line the pockets of the legal profession with no impact on curriculum and teaching. All this may well have an effect on the school's performance, or rather that of the pupils. In which case, I wonder if a group of parents might take Liberty to court for aiding and abetting a denial of their children's human right - the right to a decent education?

Tom Trust, Redruth, Cornwall.

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