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The battles on the beaches

Coastal Conflicts, By Mark Manuel, Barrie McElroy and Roger Smith, Cambridge University Press Pounds 12.95, Age range 14-plus.

Coastal Conflicts is the first of four books in the Our Future Our World series, which also includes volumes on Environmental Issues, Tourism, and Hazards.

The basic premise of this book is that human impact on Australia's fragile coast can create serious environmental problems. Finding solutions relies on understanding the interaction between coastal geomorphology and complex ecological systems.

Using this knowledge, we can examine the various points of view while scrutinising the political agendas of the parties involved in the issue.

The chapters look at conflict, change, resources, management and conservation, the future, and investigating coastal issues. Key questions are posed, followed by appropriate text which is accompanied by an imaginative range of activities and questions.

The maps and photographs, including a number of aerial shots alongside a good range of other illustrations. The examples also include Bangladesh, the Netherlands, the Pacific Islands, and Britain.

Coastal Conflicts provides a range of interesting case studies and activities for use at both GCSE and A-level and is a very useful addition to the literature on this important subject.

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