BBC pulls Bobinogs out of hat

A new Welsh children's television series has been launched, starring three cartoon characters who live in a bobble hat, play in their own band and speak with strong Welsh accents.

Bobinogs is the first English-language educational TV programme to be developed by BBC Wales. Each programme focuses on the adventures of Nib, Bobin and Ogi, three stuffed toys who live in a bobble hat belonging to a toddler called Owen. Watching events in Owen's life through their Bobinoculars, they help him to tackle problems.

"They're quite groovy characters: they play in a band and they are quite funky in the way they dress," said Elen Rhys, the programme's producer.

The series is the first to be based on the Welsh Assembly's proposed foundation-stage curriculum, which will provide informal learning for three to seven-year-olds.

"Programmes that are fun and informative can be an excellent way for children to enjoy learning," said an Assembly spokesperson.

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