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Be active in partnerships

With health and well-being at the heart of Curriculum for Excellence and the responsibility of all, it is important for teachers and partner agencies to look at how they can work in partnership.

The Active Schools Network, which aims to make "more children more active, more often", is well placed to help schools deliver health and well-being by supporting cross-curricular work, interdisciplinary learning, extra- curricular opportunities and outdoor learning.

In West Dunbartonshire, as in other areas, there are examples of co- operative working between teachers and their Active Schools co-ordinator, with team-teaching for clubgolf (links to maths), physical activity challenge weeks (positive attitudes towards being active), sports leadership awards (for young leaders in P6-7 and community sports leaders in S5-6, with cross-curricular links), and CPD for teachers and volunteers.

Teachers looking for advice in delivering health and well-being can contact their Active Schools co-ordinator. Visit or your local authority website which should contain information about Active Schools teams.

Yvonne Orrock, Active Schools co-ordinator, West Dunbartonshire.

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