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Beastly burden

Further to my letter last year concerning the examination pass rate in the qualifying examination of the veterinary nursing profession, I recently attended a careers advisory evening for school-leavers.

It was quite obvious that the entry grades for the university entry to read veterinary medicine (three As or two As and a B) daunted all but the highest-achieving enquirer at the veterinary science stand. There was greater interest in veterinary nursing as a career, as the stated requirement for entry is four 0-levels. Many school leavers went off to enquire about the two-year training course to become a veterinary nurse.

The most recently published examination results shows that the pass rate with the present examination system has not improved since the summer results I wrote to you about last year. Of 336 candidates who took the final (part II) examination this winter, only 146 passed the qualifying test, 41 gained partial passes and 149 failed.

Many school-leavers may get no further than an animal care course with limited employment prospects and never obtain the required standard to become an animal nurse.

D R LANE 47 Newbold Terrace Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

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