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Beaufort Park in Dingle

(Photograph) - While many schools aspire to be like corporate offices, Bill Dorman - headteacher of Beaufort Park in Dingle - compares his to the Tate gallery in St Ives because of the airy feeling and the light flooding through glass bricks on to the stairs.

The classrooms are a cross between closed and open plan."They are carpeted, warm and light, and separated off by cupboards," says Dorman.

The new building, first occupied inJune 2000, is the result of an amalgamation of two schools on Victorian sites. Dorman had the opportunity to influence the design after seeing schools in Lancashire and Hampshire:

"Gareth Richings, the architect, came up trumps. We've got a good working building with excellent classroom design. The security's wonderful and it's light and efficient."

His next project is the playground, which will involve paths and dens.

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