The beers are on us

Statistics tell us that six out of ten people have romantic relationships at work, but have you noticed that, although you're fabulous, there never seems to be anyone else who's fanciable in your staffroom? This is the gripe I hear most often from single staff. Whether in an all-women primary school or a huge, rambling secondary, the chances of finding romance over the photocopier seem pretty bleak.

A regular TES reader who decided to take lovelust matters in hand tells her story on page 40, and relationships expert Ed Halliwell has some suggestions on getting out there and finding your match.

I'm considering throwing a get-together for First Appointments readers in the spring, so that trainees, GTPers and NQTs can meet up, do a bit of speed-dating maybe, and compare notes over a few beers, courtesy of the TES. It'd have to be in London, one weekend. If you're up for it, email me and let me know. If enough people are interested, I'll sort it out and let you know the details in the next issue (March 11). My address is

Meanwhile, 15 readers of our last issue are lucky winners in our laminator competition, picked out of a hat from hundreds of entries. Their names appear below. Have a good term.

Laminator winners: Helen Clear, Brighton; Anabela Nunes, London; Lucy Tunnicliffe, Newton Regis; Kate Louise Trevor, Wrexham; Lee Jackson, Maidstone; Helen Gorman, Leek; Rebecca Gleave, Brierley Hill; John Maclean, Muir-of-Ord; Mrs S Nield, Bradford; Rosalind Mackie, Tipton; Liz Berry, Edinburgh; Andrew Armstrong, Lincoln; Lyndsey Drenon, Sherburn Village; Anna Leeds, Clacton-on-Sea; Amy Kitching, Isle of Wight

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