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Befrienders make life easier

"Jigsaw", a befriending scheme for families of people with autism in Sheffield, has been set up by the National Autistic Centre as part of its Action for Autism UK initiative.

"Befrienders" make life easier for families by, for example, babysitting or taking the child with autism to the cinema. Most volunteers are Sheffield University students, who have been trained on the nature of autism, the impact on the family, the parents' perspective, activities for children and adults, and epilepsy. Tel: 0181 451 1114.

The NAS produces publications about autism, Asperger syndrome, approaches, therapies and treatments, behaviour management, education, videos and training, families and personal accounts. For a free copy of the NAS publication list, send an A5 SAE to: The Publications Department, NAS, 276 Willesden Lane, London NW2 5RB.

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