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Benefits of a daily regime

As a retired primary head who was always keen on exercise I have followed your campaign "Get active" with great interest.

The schools which most impress are those which involve every pupil with daily exercise such as skipping or aerobics. If we all put our minds to it we could come up with a list of imaginative activity to be undertaken daily.

Probably the most universal enjoyable exercise is dance or movement with music. School meetings of pupils, parents and teachers would produce ideas to be used at school and at home.

A walk in the school grounds or a nearby park combined with a project is one idea. Games of tag, silly walks and dramatic movement are others.

Secondary PE teachers have similar ideas.

PE has been wrongly squeezed as Prince Philip (TES, May 7) noted. Sport is wonderful for some but does not appeal to all. The Government is putting pound;500 million into sport but the Department for Education and Skills should insist that time is found for daily exercise to suit everyone.

The Duke of Edinburgh is also right about exercise for every age group.

Walking or cycling is preferable to driving, although I sympathise with parents who won't allow young children to walk along dangerous roads.

That is one more reason why your campaign is important. Daily exercise for all youngsters at school is imperative.

Bob Tutton

12 Hazel Road Purley-on-Thames, Reading

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