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Bengali arts

I am writing to correct a false impression given about a project on The Tempest in Mulberry School (TES, April 7). I explained to Jonathan Croall that the arts are highly regarded in Bangladesh - indeed I saw (among other things) a production of Romeo and Juliet in Bengali when I was there in January last year. Many of the parents of our students are very supportive of artistic endeavour in our school, and this is exactly the opposite of what Jonathan Croall seemed to be saying.

I would also like to make the point that parents are very concerned about their daughters' careers. As I explained to Jonathan Croall, part of the purpose of the project was to encourage all our students to think positively about the arts as an area that offers many different career opportunities.

JILL TUFFEE Head of Drama Mulberry School for Girls London E1

Jonathan Croall writes: The words quoted in the article were Jill Tuffee's, not mine. She explained to me that while middle-class families in Bangladesh put great value on theatre and the arts, this was not the case with those from rural working-class backgrounds such as the majority of Mulberry parents.

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