Berkshire funds schools properly

I write in response to your article "The councils who rob you of funds"

(TES, January 6). I am extremely concerned that you have publicly cited West Berkshire as an under-spending authority, which completely misrepresents our position.

It is a matter of record that West Berkshire lost pound;3.6million funding in revenue grant in 20034, through the operation of ceilings in the grant system when the new council funding formula was first introduced (worth pound;1.5 million "real money" in lost revenue to our schools in that year).

Unfortunately, our agreed passporting target and published figures still reflect this loss of grant in 20056 budgets.

This council has worked closely and openly with the local schools' forum about this issue and has passported 100.1 per cent of (central government-recommended) funding in this year.

While I accept your article may be based on flawed information in the National Association of Head Teachers survey, I consider it does a grave disservice to West Berkshire and its maintained schools.

Ian Pearson Head of West Berkshire education service Avonbank House West Street Newbury, Berkshire

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