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Berkshire - Primary heralds 300th year

Cranbourne primary in Winkfield, near Windsor, has been celebrating 300 years of education in the village with the help of the former pupil and athlete, Roger Black.

A school for 20 girls and 20 boys aged seven to 12 was set up in the old Cranbourne Hall by Lord Ranelagh in 1709, before moving to its current site in 1880.

The school ran a successful anniversary appeal to restore its bell. The bell's rope hangs down into the Year 5 classroom and is now rung at the beginning and end of each school day.

Last month, to mark the day the school opened, staff, governors and parents came in dressed as characters from 1709.

Headteacher Colin Sambrook said: "People dressed up as Queen Anne and Dick Turpin. I came as Alexander Pope. We went around the classes in role and the children had to work out who we were. We had an assembly in the afternoon where we revealed our identities."

The year ended with a fundraising dinner, attended by Roger Black, with the cash raised going towards refurbishment of the school's sports pavilion.

Mr Sambrook said: "Providing education for 300 years without a gap is quite remarkable." hw.

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