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The best of the best

A rich and varied curriculum and an army of volunteer staff have helped St Elizabeth's Roman Catholic primary to the top of the Richmond-upon-Thames' league table.

St Elizabeth's achieved outstanding results in this year's tests after being highest-placed last year.

All 30 Year 6 pupils reached level 4 in English and 63 per cent reached level 5. In maths, 93 per cent reached level 4 English and 47 per cent level 5.

Christine Brett, headteacher, said: "What we don't do is only teach the core subjects. When children are happy and stimulated across a broad range of subjects they do better."

The school's 2000 Office for Standards in Education report said it was not a "hot house" of learning, but one where teachers plan interesting and varied learning experiences.

Ms Brett said: "I have no issue with testing and parents knowing results for their own child or for the school, but I don't think turning those results into local league tables is right.

"It is unnecessary and does more damage than good."

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