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Bett ICT

ICT teachers have an array of creative tools at their disposal these days, many of which can help bring their subject to life. So it's no surprise then, that at this year's BETT Show, there'll be a number of interesting developments in this area. Connected Learning's latest version of CourseGenie enables teachers to create interactive e-learning materials and courses from within Microsoft Word to create file formats that can be used with a virtual learning environment (VLE), learning management system or school intranet. Children can also create their own multimedia presentations using Granada Writer 3, a combined talking word processor and desktop publishing package that makes it possible to add video clips, music, images, speech and text into documents using a drag-and-drop interface.

Learning-Lincs is giving users the opportunity to participate in a global classroom with the launch of a series of online educational projects for key stages 1 and 2. The themed projects use a mix of ICT skills, as well as resources ranging from worksheets to web content. The activities support the national curriculum programmes of study and are designed to work with interactive whiteboards.

Leafline's new Digital Strategy unit bridges the transition between KS2 and KS3 and is optimised for delivery from a school intranet, although it can also be used with standalone machines. The unit places work from Years 7 and 8 schemes for ICT within a geography context. 2Simple's ModellingToolkit is aimed at foundation and KS1 pupils and consists of five core activities that can be used for teaching specific ICT skills or as an ICT resource to support literacy, numeracy or science. Smart Learning offers a series of programs covering the QCA ICT scheme of work for primary schools, and the company will be showing new CD-Roms with pre-prepared computer activities.

Pelham Sloan will be hoping that its new PS1500 school computer will make an impact in schools. It has an all-in-one design that builds the computer into the monitor screen, saving lots of deskspace. The computer comes with a variety of options including touch-screens, wireless access and PC card slots.

One new technology that is already making its mark is wireless networking and Centerprise International aims to demonstrate the potential of the technology to liberate ICT in the classroom and beyond with an advanced wireless network that will include laptops, Tablet PCs and LCD PCs. Another company promoting wireless technology is Rockdirect and its Pegasus CTS, a laptop computer that uses Intel's Centrino chip technology to offer wireless functionality out of the box.

Tag Learning's MAPS (Managed Assessment Portfolio System) provides an overall view of pupils' ICT capabilities, whether ICT is taught as a specific subject or across the curriculum at KS2 and KS3. A central online portfolio means ICT co-ordinators can quickly see when and where ICT is taking place across the curriculum. TAG will also be showing digital cameras, which make it easy to import images into documents and presentations, as well being used for web publishing.

Students can continue working on ICT curriculum activities at home via new online services designed for the home, BT Learning Centre. The service costs pound;3.99 per month and includes access to RM's Living Library. The BT Learning Centre site has activities designed for various age ranges, from early years to post-16 and includes links to free web resources too.

Letts, part of Granada Learning, has put its Success Guides online, which use lots of graphics and clear text descriptions to help students with their revision.

If you only look at three things...

Freedom2Cache from Freedom2. A web caching system, Freedom2 Stand C52 Tel:01483 230400

Microsoft One-Note. A versatile tool for recording notes, Microsoft D34

Tablet PCs will have a high profile this year, check out RM and Viglen.

RM D50 Tel: 01235 826000

Viglen F60 Tel: 020 8758 7000

Other Contacts...

2Simple F76 Tel: 020 8203 1781

Avantis F72 Tel; 0870 8734800

BT D40 Tel: 0800 587 4497

Centerprise F20 Tel: 01256 378087

Connected Learning SW111 Tel: 01359 235100

Granada Learning E40 Tel: 0161 827 2927

Leafline M52 Tel: 023 8065 1150

Learning-Lincs SW7 Tel: 01472 813 297

Pelham Sloane M65 Tel: 020 7351 3294

Rockdirect F100 Tel: 0870 990 9090

Tag Learning F50 Tel: 01474 357350

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