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A better class of idiot

POOR Mike Ewart, head of schools at the Scottish Executive, doesn't have a lot of luck. He had the unenviable task of standing in - not for the first time - for Nicol Stephen, Deputy Education Minister, at the Innovation Awards in Glasgow.

Young Nicol was out on the campaign trail wooing the hearts and votes of the electorate. "We're both tall, young and good looking. It's just that he's taller, a lot younger and considerabl more good looking," quipped Ewart. No one contradicted him.

Crestfallen, he was then undone by his remote control handset, supposed to summon up his name on the imposing cinema screen behind him.

"I was assured that the technology here was entirely idiot-proof, but as I've proved, the Scottish Executive has a better class of idiot than you can find anywhere else in the country."

You read it here first.

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