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Beware campus con men

Colleges have been warned that fraudsters have developed a host of new scams.

The Further Education Funding Council has issued a list of methods being used by fraudsters since it alerted colleges to risks last autumn.

One method reported to the FEFC by a south-west college involved a fake standing order. The college was alerted by its bank to the order, which was for more than Pounds 1,000 and to be paid monthly.

And a private training provider asked a college to back its bid for cash from the European Social Fund for a scheme found to involve non-existent students.

Colleges have also been warned that private training providers have claimed cash from colleges for work and billed trainees. A fourth scam involves a mailshot containing an invoice for goods which have not been ordered or received.

Colleges are also still getting faxes from Nigeria asking for their bank account details.

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