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Beware of moles in the chatroom

Libby Purves has a point (TES, June 4). Teachers who post to the TES online staffroom should be careful - unfriendly eyes may be prying. However, Libby seems to assume that all of these posters are teachers, and that may not be the case.

It seems entirely probable that some "enterprising" journalists of less integrity than Libby have already tried to set up some juicy controversies.

However, Libby herself is not squeaky-clean. Her analogy does not hold. She has not just pressed her nose to the staffroom window, she has walked in, sat down and listened to the gossip.

My grandmother had things to say about those who listen in to other people's conversations. Write 100 times, Libby: "Keyhole Kate is not a good role-model."

Philip D Delnon

79 Broomfield Road

Swanscombe, Kent

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