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Big 'delivery' on jargon

If you thought pedagogy was what you used to massage your feet, you should join teachers in the TES online staffroom discussing "Things you ought to know as a teacher but don't".

Starlight angel says she still doesn't know what SMT means, and offers some ideas (most do not contain the words "senior" or "management").

Magic surf bus blames the confusion on all the jargon teachers must cope with - pedagogy being top of the list. "I find it an ugly and irritating little word. It's spread all over the profession like a bad rash," he says. "The other one is `deliver'. If I wanted to deliver I'd work for UPS or Parcelforce."

Henriette's partner works at an FE college and has learners he "facilitates . in a learning environment". "If you ask me, he teaches a bunch of 17-year-olds law in a classroom," she says.

Finally, ruthireland51 recalls puzzling at the noticeboard over what IMP might stand for. "We came up with various sensible (and otherwise) suggestions. The head came in and, when asked for confirmation, looked at us as if we were stupid and said: `It's short for important.'". Acronym overload is surely taking its toll.

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