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Big Hair Do ideas

The Beehive

The favourite of Marge Simpson and 1950s nostalgia freaks. You'll need jumbo rollers, a lorry load of hairspray and a lot of nerve.

The skinhead

If you get a really smooth finish, try adding a transfer tattoo to complete the new hard look.

The Mullet

Short on top, long at the back, the mullet was a favourite of footballers and 1980s pop stars.


If you want to experiment in a chemistry session, try rinsing your hair in a cup of beetroot and carrot juice for red hair and strong black tea and black coffee for brunette shades.


Attach the new hairy red noses to elastic bands for the red nose pig tales.

If you like your hair as it is, Comic Relief has a selection of other fundraising ideas for schools including making the Jamie Oliver chocolate fridge cake, the Red Nose Day Hair Brain Quiz and a photo-exhibition teacher bad hair days.

From March 11-14, CBBC will be running a competition to find the worst hair style in the UK if you need some more inspiration.

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