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A big thank-you from Crown Woods

Now the initial euphoria following the removal of Crown Woods school from special measures has started to die down, we wish to take this opportunity to thank all those who supported us in our successful action against the Office for Standards in Education.

From the outset, the governors and parents, sought to find a way to challenge the result of the OFSTED "inspection". We knew that any approach against the OFSTED report would have to start with them.

In conjunction with our action Crown Woods Parent-Teacher Association set up meetings to relay up-to-date information to all the schools' parents. Parents were also consulted at well-attended meetings. We, with the PTA and the local education authority, were then able to mount a case that resulted in the success we hae all seen.

The support from all areas of the school and the LEA was vital to the governors' action. A special mention though must be made for the outstanding support of the parents.

The best way a school can judge local support is through the parents; ours were angry and vociferous in their condemnation of the OFSTED comments. They did not withdraw their children from the school but actively took part in the debate over the demand for the judicial review.

Despite the inevitable damage that this flawed and arbitrary inspection has inflicted, parents of Crown Woods school can be confident that the quality of education for their children will continue to improve.

Stephen Offord Chair of governors Crown Woods school Riefield Road Eltham London SE9

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