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Bikers snap up college's bad-buy club;In brief

OSCAR'S, the Derby nightclub bistro bought by Wilmorton College during the regime of former principal Andrew Stromberg, has been sold - to a motorbike gang called the Outlaws. Bought for nearly pound;140,000 in 1993, Oscar's was supposed to be converted into a drop-in centre but remained unused. Wilmorton also had to sell off another restaurant, and the final loss was pound;500,000. An inquiry by Warwick University registrar Michael Shattock said the decision to buy had been "a shambles". It found that Mr Stromberg, who resigned on health grounds in 1994, bought the club in contravention of funding council rules and did not show governors a surveyor's report saying the building needed extensive repairs. The Outlaws - motto: "God forgives, Outlaws don't" - are Midlands based and rivals of the Hell's Angels. But Wilmorton's head of finance, John Mold, who handled the sale, said the Outlaws were "very pleasant people".

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