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Bilingual aim is a healthy one

May I firstly applaud The TES for publishing a Welsh edition of the supplement which reflects the divergent nature of education in Wales following devolution.

However, this enthusiasm was tempered by the letter penned by Nigel Probert of Gwynedd (TES, May 21) which would not have seemed out of place during the last days of the Indian Raj.

To proclaim that somehow children in Gwynedd are being given a poor education by being taught in the majority language of the local community is preposterous. The fact that Welsh medium education has been the norm over much of rural Wales for the best part of a century - and has become a large part of the school sector in industrialised south Wales - is ignored.

The Welsh language has stopped being a political football and there is a consensus view that the aim of a bilingual Wales is a healthy one. Such reactionary and indeed ignorant views by persons such as Mr Probert, who even gives partial support to the BNP, are indeed unwelcome.

DT Jones

Brynglas, Glynneath Rd

Resolfen, Neath

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