Birth of a new musical genre

During a recent in-service training day on approaches to the National Literacy Strategy, I counted no fewer than 35 scenarios and 96 implications.

Many of the latter were linked to words such as resources or cost, that is: there will be a cost implication or there will be a resource implication.

Would it not, I asked myself, be simpler and more direct to say that we will not be able to afford it?

Needless to say, many scenarios were put forward in order to obviate the problems caused by the implications - the obvious one being a joint parentteacher fund-raising scenario.

Strange, but as I followed a homeward-bound scenario, I found myself singing, not the blues, but the worst-case scenario: Woke up this mornin' Implications for gettin' outa bed.

Woke up this mornin' Loadsa jargon in my head.

Got no books for teachin' Sometimes I wish that I was . . . . . . taking an early-retirementscenario!

John Howden. Evercreech primary school. Paradise Crescent. Evercreech, Somerset

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