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A bit of hush speaks volumes

Reading your article "Lower the volume to make yourself heard" (Professional, 8 November) reminded me of various experiences I had when working at a special school for boys with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties. One student told me it was not worth the bother of behaving badly for me as I did not shout at him. Some other lads were a bit shamefaced when, after they had locked me in the science cupboard, I did not shout and scream but merely carried on doing the stocktake. I later pointed out that it was unfair to lock me in without my cup of coffee. At a similar girls' school, I had a joke with the class and they became a bit noisy. They were just going beyond the limit when one girl commented that they had better behave because Miss had gone quiet and so was clearly cross with them.

Jane Giffould, Halstead, Essex.

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