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Blind graduate

Mark Lister may be the first blind student to get to Keele University through an integrated education system (TES, March 17) and I applaud his achievement, but he is not the first blind student at Keele.

My late husband, Brian Wilkinson, who was totally blind, was at Keele for four years.

He graduated with a second-class honours degree in history and law in 1970. He took education as a two-year subsidiary subject, including one secondary and two junior teaching practices.

He had originally wanted to teach and was determined to prove that this was possible for the blind. However, after passing his education course he decided that he was not suited to a teaching career and instead he joined the civil service.

Brian played a full part in university life, and was on various committees.

He often spoke of his time at Keele, where he made many friends. On graduation he received a personal letter of congratulation from the vice-chancellor.

If Brian were alive today he would be among the first to congratulate Mark on both his academic achievements so far and on his choice of university.


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