ResearchED York- the blogs

5th May 2014 at 18:49

One of the best thing about running researchED is reading about it afterwards. I usually only see two minutes of everything, punctuated by lots of anxiety and hand shaking. So I only find out later exactly how much I regret missing the presentations. And from the sounds of it, I missed a lot but that's ok *dons hair shirt! daubs ashes on face*. 

Here are the blogs so far, and from some of the best edu-bloggers out there, no less. As always, a privilege to work with such Olympians. 

Cooperative learning 


My view from the mountain top 

John Larsen

Kenny Pieper's been busy- FOUR BLOGS


Stephen Tierney, also known as @leadinglearner 

Nancy Gedge

Martin Robinson, the man with the velvet voice 

John Dexter 

HEY it's Miss Smith

Emma Hardy- the way you make me feel

The internet's Alex Quigley

Grand Fromage, MC John Tomsett

Cav Maths casts an eye over the day

Joe Kirby

David Fawcett's presentation themes

Caroline Barlow

Mark Healy

Debra Kidd


With thanks to Old Andrew for patiently- some* would say obsessively- collating these. 

*ie me