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Blue hair beats being dull

The line between respectability and dullardry is a fine one, and nowhere more so than in schools. How to appear smart in the staffroom while cutting a dash among the students vexes many a teacher.

But on which side of this line does blue hair sit? That has been one of the questions exciting members of the TES online forum, after Scobberlotcher asked how it was likely to go down at school.

Bored with her hair, Ms Scobberlotcher wants to try something different ahead of starting her GTP in September. And what better way to celebrate a new job than with blue hair?

In response to posters who take the rather Pooterish view that it might be slightly risque, Scobberlotcher feels even teachers should be able to dictate how they look. "I don't see why I have to be 'boring and unfashionable' if I want to be a teacher," she says.

JennyMus, managing gamely to hide the sting that her lack of blue hair makes her "boring and unfashionable", suggests extensions. At least these can be removed if the headteacher unaccountably takes exception to a blue-haired teacher, she advises.

But grunwald has a more ingenious solution, one that is both racy and respectable, sure to earn the head's approval and the pupils' open-mouthed admiration: "What about a dark blue bun?" Miss Brodie would be proud.

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