Blueprint to develop the profession

The School Teachers' Review Body recommendation for an entitlement to professional development is to be welcomed.

The General Teaching Council recommended an entitlement to continuing professional development 18 months ago.

A key ingredient for raising standards further is making it possible for teachers to have opportunities to examine teaching and learning, access evidence and share effective practice.

This requires a new concept of professional development, focused on learning in the classroom and based on collegial teamwork rather than courses.

The council's professional learning framework has been identified in the review body's report as the "base document" for CPD for teachers in England. It offers a means of reaching consensus about identification and implementation of such an entitlement.

It is interesting that the STRB recommends that heads have a duty to provide the opportunities for professional development. This will need not only resources but approaches to staff management that many schools are now implementing.

The STRB recommends an additional entitlement to five days for CPD above the current statutory 195 working days.

We need an informed debate on this matter addressing how this entitlement might be implemented to benefit teachers and learners, bearing in mind equal opportunities, funding and access issues.

Carol Adams

Chief executive officer

General Teaching Council for England

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