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Board games

As a trainee teacher I sometimes find behavioural problems daunting when I'm entering a new classroom. Building relationships with a new class you'll be with for only a limited time can present quite a challenge to those who are inexperienced in classroom management. Something which I've found really useful and which I will continue to use throughout my practice and afterwards is a reward board or "superstar-sticker winners" chart as the children call it.

It's a brightly decorated, early years' chalk board covered in stars that can stand on a table top in the classroom. Quick and easy to put together, it holds real appeal for the children. I have various categories, such as "good listeners", "good workers" and "good helpers".

At the end of the day, the children whose names appear on the chart can choose themselves a sticker. The board is then wiped clean so that the chart remains an incentive rather than becoming a competition. It's worked well for me and it's also proved motivational for the children.

Catherine Milner, primary PGCE student teacher, Leicester University

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