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Bod pod

Young people have difficulty understanding human cells and the way their bodies work, according to a survey of more than 900 pupils and teachers. A new website aims to provide the solution.

Centre of the Cell online is designed to bring medical research to life with facts, games, pictures and films, all inspired by and taken from the work of researchers at Queen Mary, University of London, and its medical school. Visitors can also debate the ethics of bioscience, discover more about biomedical research, and explore career options in science and biomedicine.

The website, launched this month, is part of a wider project, which from next year will open what is believed to be the first science education centre to be sited within the research labs of a medical school. Contained in a suspended pod above subterranean laboratories at the university's Institute of Cell and Molecular Science, it will engage users with films, hands-on exhibits, interactive games and theatrical tricks.


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