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Body language

Readers may remember the 1999 New Year edition of Feedback, the DFEE's in-house rag, which became a collectors' item after whipping up a storm among the more racially sensitive with a picture of a Golliwog.

Two years before, the magazine had warmed up the winter months with a rousing tale of a woman wiping her nose with her knickers.

Now, a cartoon strip's innovative interpretations of the female form are the centre of attention. One DEE apparatchik was left feeling "very uneasy" by a series of drawings entitled "Secrets of Body Language" in Feedback's autumn issue.

"The prominence of the women's rather strange breasts suggests that these are the most significant aspect of women's bodies," she complains in the latest edition. "The most questionable drawing was a woman 'sitting carelessly with knees apart'."

Editor Rani King has quietly dropped the series.

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