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Book up for the Prom

The most important event in the youth music calendar takes place next week when hundreds of young musicians from all over the country converge on the Royal Albert Hall for the annual Schools Prom. The event, which takes place from Monday to Wednesday, features all kinds of music from top youth orchestras to primary school ensembles.

On Monday there is chamber music from the Nicolaou Chamber Choir, Macclesfield, and the infectious steelband sound of the Pantonic All Stars from Cheadle Hume.

Dudley Metropolitan Schools Brass band opens Tuesday night's concert which includes the National Children's Orchestra, the King Edward Clarinet Quintet from Stourbridge and singers from South Hampstead. The popular Vote Rigsby from a south London prep school returns with its own brand of jazz, appearing alongside another very young group from Portland School in Merseyside.

The last night promises madrigals from Latymer School, London, jazz from the Norton Knatchbull School in Ashford and Scissett Music Centre in Huddersfield, and more brass from the Egglescliffe Brass Quartet. Northamptonshire County Youth Orchestra plays out the evening with "Land of Hope and Glory".

Tickets: 071 589 8212. Concert enquiries to Music for Youth 081 870 9624.

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