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Book review : Integrated services

A New Deal For Children?: reforming education and care in England, Scotland and Sweden By Bronwen Cohen, Peter Moss, Pat Petrie and Jennifer Wallace Policy Press pound;19.99

The question posed by the title immediately suggests that this is a book designed to challenge assumptions and hold policy, provision and practice up to the light. The authors do this expertly through a well-constructed comparative study of three types of children's service in England, Scotland and Sweden: early childhood education and care, schools, and school-age childcare.

The countries were chosen, the authors explain, because: "Within the same short period of time each government decided to place national responsibility for. policy, oversight, funding and administrationnbsp; - within its education department."

The three national case studies provide penetrating insights into how, and how well, the reform processes in each country are achieving a genuinely integrated single-service system.

Jim Rose is former director of inspection for Her Majesty's Inspectoratenbsp;nbsp;nbsp;

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