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Book Reviews

Safer School Communities By Andrew Briers Middlesex University Press. pound;12 Every head has experienced police juvenile liaison projects of one sort or another - the concept has been with us, Andrew Briers explains, since 1949. Though school liaison work hasn't been a good career move for a police officer. This book uses the phrase "kiddie cops" as a precise description of the problem.

The Golly in the Cupboard By Phil Frampton Tamic Publications. PO Box 182, Manchester M21 7XY pound;7.99 Phil Frampton's story is of childhood abandonment, racism and a loveless upbringing in a Barnardo's home. Pieced together from his memories, supplemented by the 733-page personal file he eventually winkled out of Barnardo's in 1998, it's filled with heart-rending moments.

Emotions Revealed: understanding faces and feelings By Paul Ekman Wiedenfeld and Nicolson. pound;7.99 Charles Darwin once put his face against the thick glass of a puff-adder's cage in the zoo, determined not to flinch if it struck. However, "as soon as the blow was struck, my resolution went for nothing, and I jumped a yard or two backwards with astonishing rapidity".

As Paul Ekman tells us: "Darwin's experience shows how rational thought cannot prevent a fearful response to an innate fear theme." Ekman is fascinated by the network of relationships between emotion, rationality, body language and facial expression.nbsp;

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