Book of the week: Out of the rain

"Asperger syndrome comes under the umbrella of autism. That's quite a useful way to think of the autistic spectrum - as an umbrella with lots of people under it all in different places. The trouble with that analogy is that some people are being rained on a lot harder than others and that doesn't really happen with an umbrella... "

Read an edited extract from Luke Jackson's book, Freaks, Geeks amp; Asperger Syndrome, in this week's TES, page 18.

Freaks, Geeks amp; Asperger Syndrome by Luke Jackson will be published by Jessica Kingsley on August 22 at pound;12.95. TES readers can order it for pound;11.95 inc pamp;p from Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 116 Pentonville Road, London N1 9JB. Tel: 020 7833 2307; fax 020 7837 2917; email . Cheques should be made payable to Jessica Kingsley Publishers Ltd



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