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Book of the week: Roger McGough's Collected Poems

Collected Poems
By Roger McGough
Viking pound;20

The first collection of Roger McGough's I read was Gig - long after its publication (1973) and quite a lot longer after the first enthusiasts of the Mersey sound applauded McGough along with his co-conspirators, Brian Patten and Adrian Henri, around the university circuit.

Those of us who emerged from childhood into Thatcher's Britain were used to hearing about the glorious days of self-expression we had somehow failed to appreciate fully from our prams, when everyone was travelling about re-inventing poetry and being a pop singer. But art and humanitarianism were now out in the cold and, as far as I was concerned, they had taken poetry with them. I picked up Gig because its cover made it look like the sort of record I would like. It was.

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